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theLotter has earned a stellar reputation among lottery players during its many years of experience. The platform was established in 2002 as the first lottery ticket purchasing service to international customers. With millions and millions of satisfied customers, theLotter is currently the top choice for lottery aficionados everywhere.

The company has established local offices in 20 countries so that it can provide its users with the best possible service. Our local agents purchase the lottery tickets personally from authorised retailers and thus make it possible for you to play the lottery of your choice from the comfort of your home.

theLotter UK is an associated brand of The Lottter Enterprises Limited, which is a Belize registered company (Registration Number 59448) with registered offices in 35 Barrack Road, Belize City.

Address: Triq- Il-Furnar, Qormi, QRM 3506, Malta.

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In this day and age, you don’t have to be a globetrotter to play the world’s biggest lotteries. On theLotter, you can buy tickets for the US Powerball, the Italy SuperEnalotto, the EuroMillions, and the UK Thunderball all in the same place. And the entire process will only take you a couple minutes to complete. In just a few easy steps, you can enter any lottery you’ve ever wanted to play.

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You Get 100% of Your Prize Every Time

theLotter takes pride in providing its customers with a comprehensive service for their lottery endeavours. When you purchase your tickets on our portal, you have completed the entire payment process and you are the sole owner of your ticket, as well as any prizes it may win in the upcoming draws. Whether you are lucky enough to win the big jackpot or one of the secondary prizes, you will get the entire amount of your prize.

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A Simple and Entirely Secure Transaction

When you buy a lottery ticket on theLotter, our local agents then make the purchase from an authorised retailer on your behalf. To make sure that your ticket was bought according to your terms, you will receive a scan of the ticket in your user account. You will be able to see the numbers on the ticket, as well as the serial number, and the exact moment when the purchase was made. You can then use this information to check your ticket at any lottery operator in the country. The final step of the process is crucial because it ensures the safety of your lottery ticket. All the tickets are placed in secure safes and kept for the prize collection process.

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The Complete Service You Get on theLotter UK

When you buy a ticket on theLotter, you also pay a small commission that makes you eligible for the full set of services provided by our platform. Without having to pay a single penny more, you will receive lottery reminders, as well as notifications of any winnings that your ticket may have generated.

And if you are among the lucky winners, the full amount of your prize will be transferred to your theLotter account. You can then send the money to your bank account or use it to buy more lottery tickets on our platform. If you are one of the big lottery winners, you may have to collect your prize personally. But our VIP team will help you get all the necessary paperwork done and theLotter will also provide you with a complimentary airplane ticket to your lottery destination.

Top lottery winners

thelotter.co.uk - A Platform for Lottery Winners

Since 2002, theLotter has had a great many winners. We have paid over $50,000,000 in lottery prizes to our users. As can be expected, the vast majority of these prizes were small wins, but there were some theLotter players who have scooped some incredible prizes over the years. The biggest winners we have had over the years are as follows:

  1. A.D. – 2017 – $30,000,000 in the Florida Lotto

  2. M. M. – 2015 – $6,400,000 in the Oregon Megabucks

  3. P. – 2016 – $1,000,000 in the US Powerball

  4. H. V. – 2016 – $1,000,000 in the US Powerball

  5. B. U. – 2012 – $1,000,000 in the US Powerball

  6. S – 2016 – €824,000 in the Austria Lotto

  7. A. K. – 2013 – €578,000 in the Italy SuperStar

  8. I. K. – 2013 – €489,000 in the EuroMillions

Should you have any questions for theLotter, please feel free to contact our customer support team and they will offer you all the information you need. To find out more about the platform and the services we offer to clients, please visit out FAQ page.