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The Ultimate Guide to the EuroMillions Jackpot Cap

Breaking News: The EuroMillions jackpot - €190 million - must be won in the upcoming draw on Tuesday, 4 October 2019.

For the first time in its history, the EuroMillions jackpot has rolled over 4 times after reaching its jackpot cap.  There were no jackpot winners in the draw on 4 October 2019 and excess funds from ticket sales rolled down to the next highest prize tier. As a result, eight lucky winners each won more than €2.5 million for matching the five main numbers and just one Lucky Star. The massive EuroMillions prize rolls over to the next draw. And that amazing prize must be won in the draw!

The EuroMillions jackpot cap is €190 million, the highest prize possible in the extremely popular European lottery. Once the jackpot reaches the €190 million cap, all additional funds from ticket sales that would have been added to the jackpot roll down to the second tier prize. If after four draws at the €190 million jackpot cap there are no jackpot winners, and there is no jackpot winner in the 5th consecutive draw with that prize, the full amount will be split by the winners in the next highest prize tier.

euromillions jackpot cap

How the EuroMillions Jackpot Cap Works

Let’s say the EuroMillions jackpot is at €180 million, not quite at the cap, and the 2nd tier prize for matching 5 numbers + 1 Lucky Star is at the usual €2.1 million. The next draw produces no jackpot winners and the jackpot rolls over with €15 million added to the prize pool. Of the €15 million added to the prize pool, €10 million will go to the jackpot to push it to its €190 million cap, and the remaining €5 million will be added to the €2.1 million 2nd tier prize to raise it to €7.1 million.

The jackpot can remain at €190 million for four draws, each time it is not won the additional funds that would have gone to the jackpot are added instead to the 2nd tier prize. If after four draws no one has won the jackpot the entire €190 million jackpot, the jackpot rolls over and if there is no winner in the 5th draw at the maximum amount, the entire prize rolls down to winners in the next highest winning prize tier (5 main numbers and one Lucky Star).

The EuroMillions jackpot then resets to its starting amount of €17 million.

EuroMillions Jackpot Cap History

The first ‘jackpot cap’ was actually a roll over limit that was set in February 2004. This roll over limit was set at a maximum of 11 draws in a row in which the top jackpot could not be won. If no one matched all 5 numbers and both Lucky Stars on the 12th draw then the jackpot would be added to the next highest winning tier.

In November 2009, it was decided that the rollover limit of €185 million would be raised by €5 million once the jackpot cap was reached.

Chris and Colin Weir of Scotland won the €185 million top prize in July 2011 thereby raising the cap to €190 million, where it has remained since.

Changes to the EuroMillions game in September 2016 extended the amount of draws that the €190 million jackpot cap could remain before it had to be won from one to four.

Important EuroMillions Jackpot Cap Dates

November 2006

The EuroMillions jackpot once again rolled over eleven times, the maximum allowed, before being won on Friday 17 November 2006. Since no tickets matched all five main numbers and the two Lucky Stars the jackpot was added to the second tier prize for matching all five main numbers and one Lucky Star. 20 lucky winners each took home €9.65 million!

November 2009

Jackpot cap changed to €185 million

July 2011

The EuroMillions jackpot reached its new maximum of €185 million and was won by Chris and Colin Weir of Scotland on 12 July 2011.

January 2012

Jackpot cap changed to €190 million

August 2012

The EuroMillions jackpot hit its new cap of €190 million on 7 August 2012 before being won by Adrian and Gillian Bayford from Suffolk, UK on 10 August 2012.

October 2014

EuroMillions reached the jackpot cap of €190 million on Friday 24 October 2014 and was won by a single ticket purchased in Portugal.

September 2016

As part of wide-sweeping rules changes introduced to the EuroMillions game, the jackpot is allowed to remain capped at €190 million for four draws before it must be won.

September 2019

The EuroMillions draw on 24 September 2019 offers a €190 million jackpot - there are no winners! Will this amazing prize continue to roll over?

How to Play EuroMillions

Game format: 5 main numbers plus 2 additional Lucky Stars!

EuroMillions lottery tickets have two fields. One table with main numbers from 1 to 50 and another box with additional numbers, Lucky Stars, from 1 to 12. In the first table, players need to select 5 from the 50 main numbers, while in the second box they need to select two numbers, the Lucky Stars, from 1 to 12. When a player matches all 5 main numbers as well as the two Lucky Stars, he or she wins the jackpot!

Playing EuroMillions Online

Whether the EuroMillions jackpot is at the starting €17 million or at the €190 million cap it is always possible to play EuroMillions online no matter where in the world you are!