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Australia Wednesday Lotto is one of Australia’s most popular lotteries! This amazing Aussie lottery draws in the middle of every week, creating lottery winners time and time again thanks to the two bonus balls that help players win tax-free, secondary prizes! Buy Australia Wednesday Lotto tickets online to take part in this amazing lottery!

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The Australian Wednesday Lotto is Aussies' favorite mid-week lottery that contributes to many influential and important charities in the states where it is played.

Australian Wednesday Lotto History

The Australian Wednesday Lotto, originally the NSW lottery, was introduced in 1996 as part of efforts to bring in additional funds for community programs in Australia. The largest jackpot was AU$6 million (US$6.2 million) in January of 2009.

Australian Wednesday Lotto Rules

To play the Australian Wednesday Lotto, select 6 numbers from a guess range of 1-45. Additionally, two bonus balls are drawn from the same drum as the regular number selection for secondary prizes only. Players can choose to enter the lotto online with a 6 line and 12 line entry form or select a systematic form of 8, 9, 10 or 11 numbers which produces all possible entry combinations of the selected Australia Lotto Numbers and increases the chances of winning a prize. Players can have the numbers randomly selected (Quick Pick), use the number selection from saved numbers (My Numbers) or manually select their numbers. To keep up with Australia-Wednesday Lotto draws and receive significant discounts, theLotter UK offers Multi-Draw and Subscription options.

Lottery ticket sales on theLotter UK close approximately 5 hours prior to the drawings which take place every Wednesday at 10:45 GMT when the numbers are drawn on live T.V. from a random number selector machine. Results are available on theLotter UK on Wednesday at approximately 11:30 GMT.

Winning the Australian Wednesday Lotto

To win the Australian Wednesday Lotto jackpot, players must successfully guess 6/45 numbers correctly. The two bonus balls can be used for secondary prizes only in the lottery’s five prize categories. There are no taxes on the jackpot or secondary prizes and the jackpot is paid out in a lump sum (a one time payment). The record Wednesday Lotto jackpot was set in January 2009 at AU$6 million (US $6.2 million). Following changes introduced in February 2012, Wednesday Lotto guarantees a fixed Division 1 prize of AU$1 million per winner, up to four winners each draw. If there are more than four Division 1 winners, the AU$4 million Division 1 prize pool is divided equally between them.

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Australian Wednesday Lotto Statistics

The most frequently drawn numbers in 2016 were: 32, 16, 10, 42, 44, and 23. The least infrequently drawn numbers in 2016 were: 9, 17, 15, 28, 40, and 6.

Australian Wednesday Lotto Anecdotes

Rebuilding Hope- In 2011, an Australian couple discovered they had won this OZ lotto and it couldn’t have come at a better time. The previous year alone, the couple’s home had been damaged in the Christchurch earthquake and subsequently both had lost their jobs. The AUS$1 million was a much needed saving grace for this grateful family.

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