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Austria EuroMillions is the leading pan-European lottery and a favourite worldwide. The EuroMillions has awarded some of the biggest jackpots in Europe, including an incredible €190 million record hit twice - once in August 2012 and then again in October 2014. You don't want to miss the Austria EuroMillions biweekly draws, held every Tuesday and Friday. All you have to do is choose five main numbers and two Lucky Stars to win this amazing jackpot, so play Austria EuroMillions now!

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  • 56163046510

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Austria EuroMillions Österreich Bonus Raffle Results


All tickets purchased for the Austrian edition of EuroMillions automatically participate in a supplementary raffle called the Österreich Bonus. This extra raffle awards a €100,000 prize in each draw!

When your Austria EuroMillions ticket is purchased, a unique 10-digit code is automatically generated and printed on the ticket. If this code matches the one drawn in the raffle, you win the €100,000 Österreich Bonus prize.

Did you win this raffle prize? After every Austria EuroMillions draw, we’ll check your tickets against the winning raffle code and we'll notify you if you win.

You can check full details of the winning raffle codes on the official website!