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Check Your UK Thunderball Lottery Results

Check Your UK Thunderball Results on theLotter

To win the amazing £500,000 Thunderball jackpot, players must match all the 5 main numbers in the game, as well as the Thunderball. Players who only guess the 5 main numbers in the game are entitled to the second prize. To check if you have the winning numbers for the Thunderball lottery, all you have to do is go theLotter.

We update results soon after each draw, so you will always find the winning numbers on our platform. But as a theLotter player, you have many more options available. You can sign up to receive emails with the results, or you can use the theLotter app to get your info from wherever you are. Let us tell you all about the amazing options you have on theLotter!

How to Receive FREE UK Thunderball Results

How to Receive FREE UK Thunderball Results from theLotter

Getting Thunderball results via email is extremely easy on theLotter. All you have to do is sign up here and we will do the rest. After each Thunderball draw, you will receive an email with the winning numbers, which a service that we offer to our players for free.

As for theLotter app, you can get it for iPhone, iPad, or Android and you can find the results on your phone. You will also find results for many other games, and, most importantly, you can play the lottery from your phone.

 Hot and Cold Numbers in the Thunderball

Hot and Cold Numbers in the Thunderball

You can use hot and cold numbers as reference for your number selection process. Hot numbers are those lotto numbers that have been drawn the most from the entire guess range. For Thunderball, the hot numbers for 2017 are 32, 6, 4, 18, 30, 19, and 26.

The numbers that have been drawn the least are called cold numbers. These are 35, 37, 36, 38, 39, 17, and 12 for Thunderball, 2017. This is statistic data that you could use to your advantage as you select your numbers for the Thunderball.

 UK Thunderball Jackpot

The Fabulous UK Thunderball Jackpot

As opposed to most of the other lotteries, which feature a jackpot that increases its amount each time that it is not won, the UK Thunderball offers a fixed jackpot worth £500,000. While this might make the Thunderball jackpot seem less appealing than others, the fabulous odds of winning it comes with make it impossible to ignore.

Moreover, the UK Thunderball hosts three draws every single week, which means that players get even more chances of scooping the fantastic prizes in the game. It only takes five main numbers and the Thunderball to get £500,000 richer.

 Odds of Winning the UK Thunderball

Your Odds of Winning the UK Thunderball

The most important advantage boasted by the UK Thunderball lottery is offering players excellent odds of winning the prizes. With odds like 1 in 8 million to win the £500,000 prize, this is one lottery game that you simply cannot ignore.

To put things into perspective, your chances of winning the US Powerball are 1 in 298 million. This significant difference in winning odds makes the Thunderball one of the most appealing jackpots in the entire lottery market! So play Thunderball on theLotter to get a chance of winning the prize for yourself.