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A Roundup of the Craziest Lottery Stories in the Known Universe

Your Guide to the EuroMillions Raffles
August 2017

Your Guide to the EuroMillions Raffles

EuroMillions is Europe’s favorite lottery because it offers amazing prizes, but also because of the fabulous EuroMillions raffles associated with this lotto game’s draws.
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Books about the Lottery
July 2017

Books about the Lottery that Will Make an Excellent Read

Here are 7 of the best lottery books! Take a look to see the many ways that the lottery can shape a story and enjoy a fascinating read!
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 Lottery Episodes in TV Shows
June 2017

The Absolute Best Lottery Episodes in TV Shows - Top 10

What can happen when your favorite TV characters play the lottery? Find out in our top 10 lottery episodes in TV shows! Your favorite is bound to be there!
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life changing lottery wins
May 2017

5 Life-Changing Lottery Wins That Are Worth Your Time

These five lottery players were going through some tough times when an unexpected windfall came their way. Find out their unbelievable life-changing lottery win stories!
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biggest UK EuroMillions syndicate winners
April 2017

The Biggest EuroMillions Syndicate Winners in Lottery History

These Brits have decided to play the lottery together and it has brought them millions. Read all about their amazing journey to being millionaires!
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the biggest syndicate winners in the UK
February 2017

The Biggest UK Lottery Syndicate Winners of All Time

Playing the lottery as a syndicate can lead to some tremendous wins for the whole group. Find out the amazing stories of the biggest syndicate winners from the UK
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 Biggest Lottery Myths
January 2017

The 9 Biggest Lottery Myths Debunked by theLotter

Along the years, the list of myths regarding the lottery has grown to be quite long. But we are here to debunk the biggest ones! Take a look!
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 Stash Your Lottery Tickets
December 2016

The Absolute Weirdest Places to Stash Your Lottery Tickets

It is extremely important to keep your lottery tickets safe, but these people have really taken things to an entirely new level. Read to find the weirdest storage spots here!
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September 2016

3 Cautionary Tales About Winning the Lottery

These three lottery winners did not find their happily ever after in their lottery wins. Take a look at their impressive stories and find out why it all went wrong for them.
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August 2016

Everything on the €130m EuroMillions SuperDraw

On October 11th, 2016, one very lucky player from Belgium won the EuroMillions Superdraw jackpot and became an instant multimillionaire. Find out all about his win!
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July 2016

The Biggest Double Winners in Lottery History

To win the lottery, you have to beat some staggering odds, but these lucky players have taken winning to an entirely new level with their double wins.
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June 2016

The Ultimate Guide to Mega Millions

Find out everything you need to know about the second major cross-state lottery in the US, its history, its multiplier, and mouth-watering jackpots!
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The Ultimate Guide to EuroJackpot
May 2016

The Ultimate Guide to EuroJackpot

Our guide to EuroJackpot will teach you everything about this European lottery, its play format, prizes and winning odds, including the difference from EuroMillions.
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