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The Biggest Lottery Syndicate Winners

One in every three lottery jackpots are won by a syndicate. Because of their high success rate, syndicates have become a very popular way to play lotteries. Participants enjoy much bigger winning odds, while splitting the cost of the tickets! Many of the world's biggest lotteries have been won by syndicate players. Here are some of the top lottery syndicate winners.

top lottery syndicate winners

What Are Lottery Syndicates?

Lottery syndicates are when a group of players pool their money to buy lottery tickets together. The syndicate players split the costs, so they are able to buy into more lines than they would individually. The more lines played, the greater the winning odds, so syndicates give lotto players a much better chance of winning. Just how often do syndicates win the lottery? The UK Lotto estimates that one in five of its prizes are scooped up by syndicates.

Syndicates are not only more rewarding, but they also add an interactive, social element to playing the lottery. There is a lot to be said about sharing the excitement of a win with fellow lotto fans.

Some of the biggest lottery wins around the world have been won by syndicates, including the record-breaking Mega Millions jackpot of $656 million! These are some of the most well-known syndicate 
lottery successes from the world’s top lotteries.

Top Lottery Syndicate Wins

Three Amigos Syndicate

Ocean's 16 Syndicate

Mystery Irish Syndicate

Bus Driver Syndicate

UK Tesco Syndicate

Australia Toyota Syndicate


Mega Millions

US Powerball



UK National Lottery

Oz Lotto


$218.6 million

$149 million

€86,7 million

£38 million

£3,6 million

$15 million








# of Players







‘Three Amigos’ are Lottery Syndicate Winners of a Record Mega Millions Jackpot

Probably the most famous syndicate win of all time is the ‘Three Amigos’ who won a third of the record-breaking American lottery Mega Millions $656 million jackpot! In March 2012, three colleagues from Maryland’s public education system pooled their money and bought 60 lottery tickets. They each put in $20 and came out with a $218.6 million prize! The total jackpot was $656 million, which is the highest lottery jackpot ever won, but since there were three tickets that managed to match all the winning numbers, the prize was split into three.

The ‘Three Amigos’ decided to remain anonymous, something which is allowed by Maryland lottery law. What we do know is that they worked in education and that they are from Milford Mill in Maryland. The group is made up of one woman in her twenties, one in her fifties and a man in his forties. The youngest syndicate member is the person who actually purchased the tickets. She spread them out on the floor and checked each of the 60 tickets for a match, which she found. One of the tickets matched the numbers 2, 4, 23, 38, 46 and Mega Ball 23 and was a jackpot winner!

She immediately called up her syndicate partners and they all got together to sign, copy and lock their ticket away in a safe. The next step was to claim their millions, which is what they did not long after. They opted for the cash amount of $158 million, meaning that they each took home $35 million after taxes.

When the Three Amigos received their check from the Maryland Lottery, they did so in disguise, to mask their identities from the world. The three had big plans with what to do with their money – one spoke about a European back-packing trip, another planned on paying for his daughter’s college and to buy a house for his sister. The other woman wanted to visit the Italian wine country. But none of them intended on quitting their jobs. They also all planned on buying new homes and investing their money.

Two years have passed since the incredible Three Amigos win, but since we don’t know who the Three Amigos are, we have no way of knowing how they have spent or saved their money. What we do know, is that winning the Mega Millions has changed their lives forever.

‘Oceans 16’ Powerball Lottery Syndicate Winners Hit $448 million Jackpot

The Powerball syndicate winners ‘Ocean’s 16’ were a collection of sixteen colleagues from New Jersey's Ocean County Department of Vehicle Services that bought a batch of lottery tickets together and won a $448 million US Powerball jackpot! There were three winning tickets for the August 7th, 2013 Powerball draw and ‘Ocean’s 16’ owned one of these lucky tickets, which became worth $149 million! The syndicate went with the lump-sum amount of $86 million, giving each member $3.8 million after taxes.

This is probably one of the most heart-warming jackpot wins, because six of the sixteen lottery syndicate members had been affected by super-storm Sandy, which ravaged the Ocean County shoreline the previous year.

In an inspirational show of solidarity and communal excitement, the ‘Ocean’s 16’ syndicate hired a bus to take them all together to the lottery offices to claim their prize.

Mysterious Irish Syndicate Wins €86.7 million EuroMillions Prize

In September 2014, a mystery Irish syndicate put their money together, bought lottery tickets and won €86.7 million when they chose to play EuroMillions. The winning numbers in the draw were 6, 8, 34, 38 and 48 with Lucky Stars 3 and 9. The winning €6 Quick Pick ticket was sold in Dublin, which is known as one of the luckiest places to buy EuroMillions tickets. These lucky lottery syndicate winners scooped up the entire jackpot, so they didn’t even need to split the prize with any other ticket-holders. When they collected their prize, they exclaimed that they were ‘on top of the world’.

In the same week, a syndicate of thirteen players from Donegal won €4.9 million. That is two big wins in one week by lottery syndicates!

Twelve Bus Drivers Become EuroMillions Millionaires

Another famous lottery syndicate win is the story of the twelve Corby bus drivers who won £38 million by playing EuroMillions together. These Northamptonshire, UK residents split the prize equally so they each earned £3.1 million. The next day, none of the lucky winners showed up for work, so chances are that they won’t be driving buses anymore.

The twelve members of the winning syndicate had big plans for what to do with their winnings, including buying cars, houses and going on extravagant vacations. Each winner also planned on taking care of their families, paying for education and repaying any debts.

UK’s Tesco Syndicate Strike it Rich in UK National Lottery

In June 2014, fifteen Tesco night-shift employees struck it rich when their syndicate won £3,6 million in the UK National Lottery, Jackie Beresford, one of the Tesco workers, experienced a classic talisman of good fortune (involving a seagull with good aim), which she took as a sign to buy lottery tickets for her syndicate. Turns out that she was right to follow her superstition, and the lucky fifteen have a seagull to thank for their new-found wealth! Each syndicate member earned £245,996. Unlike the Corby bus drivers, most of these winners planned on continuing to work at Tesco.

Australian Toyota Syndicate Wins $15 Million in Oz Lotto

When lottery syndicate winners from Toyota Altona found out they had hit a $30 million jackpot in the Oz Lotto, they were beyond ecstatic, possibly even more so than the usual lottery winners. Why? Because these sixteen workers are expected to lose their jobs when the Altona Toyota factory closes down in 2017. But, thanks to this win, these lucky sixteen can breathe a whole lot easier, despite the future of their factory.

The jackpot was $30 million in total, but the syndicate split it with another winning ticket, earning $15 million. Each syndicate member won close to $1 million. They all planned on taking vacations and paying off mortgages.

The syndicate opted to remain anonymous so we do not know who the members are, however we do know that they are a very generous bunch. There was one colleague who generally played in the syndicate but chose not to participate in this particular draw. Nevertheless, the winning syndicate agreed to share the winnings with this colleague.

The winning ticket was purchased at Donacaster East’s Pines Lotto & Confectionery, which is approximately 40 km from the Toyota factory where the syndicate members work. The winning numbers for the draw were 2, 3, 12, 19, 23, 32, 40 and bonus numbers 6 and 37.

Become a Lottery Syndicate Success Story

Setting up and running a syndicate is no easy feat. There are syndicate members to get together, numbers to choose, money to collect and the actual tickets to purchase. And then after the draw, there are results to check (for multiple number combinations!) and winnings to distribute in the case of a win.

When you play Powerball lottery syndicates at theLotter UK we do all this for you. We set up and manage the syndicate and pre-purchase all the participating lines. We even notify you when your syndicate wins and pay your winnings into your online account. All you need to do is choose which lottery and syndicate you want to go with and select the number of shares you wish to purchase.

There are multiple syndicates available at theLotter UK for all of the top lotteries. All the syndicates give you drastically improved winning odds and each has its own specific advantages. You can find out all you need to know about theLotter’s syndicates here, and our customer support team is available to answer any questions.

These are just some of the lottery syndicate win stories, but there are many more. These lottery syndicate winners have reaped the rewards of playing syndicates for their favourite lotteries and so can you!