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How to Play Lottery Syndicates Online

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What Is a Lottery Syndicate?

A syndicate is a group of lottery players who go in with a shared group of tickets to increase their chances of winning. They each buy shares in the syndicate, which then entitle them a portion of the winnings generated by their tickets. On theLotter UK you can play the world’s biggest lottery games as part of a syndicate.

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Why Should You Play Lottery Syndicates?

You go in with many more lottery tickets for a very accessible price.

You will have a much better chance of winning the lottery.

Share the excitement of winning with other players.

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How Syndicates Work

On theLotter UK you can play syndicates for the biggest lotteries in the entire world. All you have to do is purchase one or more shares in the syndicate you want to join and you will have better odds of winning. We will tell you all about the main types of syndicates you can play on our platform so that you can get the most out of your lottery adventure. The biggest jackpots are at the tip of your fingers!

Syndicates Win

What Happens If Your Syndicate Wins?

If one or more tickets owned by your syndicate are winners, then you will be immediately notified by theLotter. You will then collect the fraction of the prize corresponding to the share(s) you have purchased in the syndicate.

Syndicate Terms 101

Line – This term refers to the unique combination of numbers that is used for a lottery ticket. As such, 100-line syndicates have 100 unique number combinations or 100 tickets. These give them a total of 100 chances of becoming lottery winners.


Total Shares – When you want to play the lottery as part of a syndicate, you purchase shares instead of tickets. Each syndicate is dived into equal shares that are available to customers. For example, a syndicate featuring 50 shares entitle each shareholder to 2 % of the collective winnings generated by the tickets. Please note that shares entitle players to a portion of the overall win and not to specific tickets in the group. As such, the more shares players buy, the larger their portion of the win will be.

The Main Types of Syndicates Available on theLotter

Syndicates Ballons

Random Selection

For this type of syndicate, the numbers for the group’s lottery tickets are chosen at random.


Systematic syndicates feature all the possible unique combinations of a group of preselected numbers. The forms include combinations of 7 to 14 numbers.

Additional Numbers Match Guaranteed

The syndicate lines feature all the possible combinations made up of the additional number(s) in the lottery. As such, whichever additional number is drawn, it is guaranteed to appear on the tickets at least once. As for the other numbers in the line, these are selected at random.

Guaranteed Number Match

For this type of syndicate, every line features one changing number. The dynamic number includes the lottery’s entire guess range and as such, it guarantees players that they will get at least one of the winning numbers. All the other numbers in the line are selected randomly.

Our Syndicate Winner Stories

November 2017 –55 of our players from 29 different countries joined forces on theLotter to play Powerball. They purchased shares in a syndicate and it earned them a whopping $106,300. Each winner cashed in $1,900.

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July 2018 – A syndicate of 22 theLotter players from 19 different countries got shares in an Australia Oz Lotto syndicate and it earned them AU$24,937.50. They were only 1 number away from scooping the jackpot, but even so, each of them got AU$1,133.52.

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Big Lotto Syndicate Winner Stories

March 2012 – Twelve bus drivers from Corby, UK won a whopping £38 million in the EuroMillions lottery and they each got a £3.1 million ticket for retirement. They are now among the biggest UK syndicate winners of all time. Read more.

September 2014– The Mysterious Irish Syndicate scored a huge €86.7 million jackpot in the EuroMillions lottery, as they were lucky enough to be the sole winners of the draw. They became the biggest EuroMillions syndicate winners of all time.

November 2016– The Tennessee Twenty syndicate took the Powerball lottery by force when they won a staggering $420 million. The twenty metal manufacturing workers split the money amongst themselves and got a brand-new start at life.