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 Australia Oz Lotto Rules

The Main Rules of the Australia Oz Lotto

All Australia Oz Lotto tickets must include seven numbers from a guess range of 1-45 but during the official draws, two bonus numbers are also chosen.  To win the jackpot, players must guess all the seven numbers. As for the secondary prizes, players must guess some of the main numbers and one of the bonus balls to win them.

Please note that players are eligible for secondary prizes if they guess the required main numbers and either one of the two drawn bonus balls. This greatly increases their odds of winning secondary prizes, thus making the Australia Oz Lotto extremely appealing to lottery enthusiasts.

Oz Lotto draws

When Do Oz Lotto Draws Take Place?

The official Oz Lotto draws take place on Tuesdays at 10:40 AM GMT. If you want to know the winning numbers as soon as possible, subscribe to our results alerts service. A jackpots alerts service is also available for those who want to join only when the prize gets over a certain threshold.

The jackpot starts out at a guaranteed amount of AUD$2 MILLION and then, it increases exponentially, just like in the Mega Millions or the US Powerball lottery. The Oz Lotto does not include a jackpot cap, which means that there is no limit to the range of the main prize. The current record for the Australia Oz Lotto jackpot is AUD$ 112 MILLION. .

 Australia Oz Lotto Syndicates Benefits

How Syndicates Will Increase Your Chances of Winning the Australia Oz Lotto

Lottery syndicates offer players the opportunity to go into the game with a larger number of tickets, thus boosting their chances of winning the Oz Lotto, and it all comes at a very affordable price. The members of the syndicate share the tickets, as well as the prizes these may generate.

On theLotter, players can purchase shares in lottery syndicates and get an excellent lottery deal. Moreover, they will receive the full amount of their share of the prize, as we do not charge winners extra fees or commissions.

 Australia Oz Lotto Syndicate Winners

Biggest Australia Oz Lotto Syndicate Winners

Back in 2015, a Western Australia lottery syndicate won a whopping $30 MILLION in the Oz Lotto. This entitled each member to as much as $3 MILLION. The shares for the lucky syndicate were purchased from a lottery shop in the Garden City shopping centre. Among the winners were a woman from Belmont and a senior couple from the southern suburbs of Perth.

If you want to try your luck with Australia Oz Lotto lottery syndicates, you can buy a share on theLotter today! Good luck!