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 Rules of the Canada Lotto 649

The Essential Rules of the Canada Lotto 649

Each Canada Lotto 649 ticket must include six main numbers from a 1-49 guess range. Players must guess all six of these numbers to win the Canada 649 jackpot. Aside from the main numbers, a bonus number is also drawn from the same drum and it is important for the secondary prizes in the game. The official draws for the Canada Lotto 649 are held two times a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 21:30 CET. This translates into 20:30 GMT.

Canada Lotto 649 jackpots start at a minimum amount of CAD$5 MILLION and with every rollover they increase exponentially, just like in the Powerball or the USA Mega Millions lottery. The highest jackpot to date was CAD$64 MILLION and there is a high chance that it may reach that amount again, as the official rules do not feature a jackpot cap like the one in the EuroMillions lottery.

 The Guaranteed Prize Draw Raffle

The Guaranteed Prize Draw Raffle

Aside from the Canada Lotto 649 jackpot and the secondary prizes in the game, there is yet another opportunity for players to win big in this amazing lottery. On each Canada 649 draw, after the lottery numbers are selected, a raffle is also held for the Guaranteed Prize Draw.

Each Canada Lotto 649 ticket has a 10-digit code printed on it that is made up of an 8-digit unique code and a 2-digit code representing the lottery line related to the raffle code. In each draw, one 10-digit code is selected at random and the ticket-holder wins a CAD$1 million prize.

 Canada Lotto 649 Syndicates

The Benefits of Playing Canada Lotto 649 Syndicates

Lottery syndicates provide players with the opportunity of going in with a higher chance of winning a prize because they participate with a larger number of tickets in the game. While making such a purchase individually can prove to be quite expensive, buying a share in a syndicate comes at a very affordable price, which makes this play option extremely convenient for players.

Not only do theLotter UK players get a better chance of scooping the Canada 649 jackpot, but they also get better odds of winning the raffle prize. The collective winnings generated by the tickets in the syndicate will be divided among members according to the shares they have purchased.

 Canada Lotto 649 Syndicate Winners

The Biggest Canada Lotto 649 Syndicate Winners

The biggest syndicate win in the history of the Canada 649 lottery was back in October 2005, when a group of 17 employees from an Alberta oil and gas company took home one of the largest jackpots to date, worth CAD$54 MILLION.

The members of the Alberta syndicate were generous enough to share their prize with their co-workers as well who were not part of the syndicate. So, buy your very own share in a Canada Lotto 649 syndicate and maybe you could be one of the lucky winners in the upcoming draws.