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Rules of EuroJackpot

The Main Rules of EuroJackpot

For each ticket, lottery players must choose five main numbers from 1-50 guess range and two additional numbers from a 1-10 guess range. To win the EuroJackpot main prize, players must guess all five of the main numbers, as well as the additional two which are selected in the official draws.

The EuroJackpot draws are held each Friday in Helsinki at 21:00 EEST (18:00 GMT). The main prize in the game starts out at a minimum amount of €10 MILLION. Then, with each time that it is not won, the prize is increased, just like in the USA Powerball and the Mega Millions. But the EuroJackpot lottery features a jackpot cap, which is set at €90 MILLION. This means that this is the highest the prize can get.

 Play EuroJackpot Syndicates

Why Playing EuroJackpot Syndicates Will Make a Difference

With such a large jackpot in the game, going in with better odds of winning the EuroJackpot is crucial. When playing syndicates, a group of players enters the game with a group of tickets. Each member of the syndicate holds a share of the tickets, as well as of the winnings that these can generate.

While purchasing the full group of tickets would be expensive, buying a share in a lottery syndicate comes at a very affordable price. This makes this play strategy extremely convenient for players who want to increase their chances of becoming lottery winners.

 EuroJackpot Syndicate Winners

Biggest EuroJackpot Syndicate Winners

Back in 2012, a syndicate from Ruhr won a staggering €19,536,863.80 in the EuroJackpot lottery. They shared this amazing prize among themselves, thus earning each member quite the impressive fortune. The lottery winners in the Ruhr syndicate wanted to preserve their anonymity and as such, they have kept far from the press. However, if you want to read some of the top lottery syndicate winner stories, you can do it on theLotter.

However, their story was powerful enough to inspire many other lottery players to play as a group. On theLotter UK, players can purchase shares in EuroJackpot syndicates and actively increase their chances of becoming lottery winners.