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 France EuroMillions Rules

The Essential Rules of the France EuroMillions Lottery

To play the France EuroMillions, players are required to have five main numbers selected from a 1-50 guess range and two Lucky Stars from a 1-12 guess range. Tickets matching all five of the main numbers and both the Lucky Stars are eligible for the grand jackpot in the EuroMillions lottery.

The EuroMillions lottery offers as many as 13 prize divisions, including the jackpot, which is one of the largest in the entire lottery market. It has a starting amount of €17,000,000 and an established cap of €190,000,000.

 France EuroMillions and the My Million Raffle

The France EuroMillions and the My Million Raffle

When they enter the France EuroMillions lottery, players are automatically considered for the My Million Raffle as well. The EuroMillions raffle winner is determined by a unique code assigned to the tickets in the moment of purchase. The raffle draw takes place twice a week, together with the official draws of the EuroMillions lottery, on Tuesdays and Fridays at 19:45 GMT.

The My Million Raffle offers France EuroMillions players a €1,000,000 guaranteed prize. To determine the raffle winners, the France EuroMillions officials will randomly select one raffle code per draw. Please note that the My Millions Raffle is only available with France EuroMillions lottery tickets. Aside from France, there are other EuroMillions countries that also offer raffles. For instance, Spain EuroMillions has El Milion Raffle. It comes with a €1,000,000 prize, which provides players with yet another reason to play the EuroMillions lottery.

 Advantages of Playing the France EuroMillions Syndicates

The Advantages of Playing the France EuroMillions Syndicates

The EuroMillions lottery offers some of the largest jackpots out there, which puts it in the same tier as the USA Powerball and the Mega Millions. But while the jackpots are enormous, its secondary prizes are also extremely attractive. As such, entering the game as part of a syndicate and increasing your chances of scooping one of the fantastic prizes can pay off tremendously.

On theLotter, you can buy shares in France EuroMillions syndicates for only a fraction of the cost of the tickets. You will then get to participate in the lottery with a large number of tickets and get a better chance of becoming a winner.

If one or more of the tickets in your syndicate are eligible for France EuroMillions prizes, you will get your share of the collective winnings. This makes syndicates a very advantageous play strategy that can make a significant difference in your game. Find out more about how lotto syndicates work.

 Advantages of Playing the France EuroMillions Syndicates

France EuroMillions Syndicate Winners

In September 2009, a group of 15 people from the village of Venelles, located in the Bouches-du-Rhône region of France, won the €100 million jackpot. A syndicate made up of both women and men aged between 34 to 62, they decided to remain anonymous. Not too many details transpired, but the mayor of Venelles referred to them in a statement to the press as "hard working people who get up early in the morning and do their jobs well".

Playing EuroMillions together paid off for them. What about you? You want to walk in their footsteps? Join an EuroMillions syndicate online!