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 Rules of the Germany Lotto

The Essential Rules of the Germany Lotto

The official rules of the German Lottery require tickets to feature six main numbers chosen from a guess range of 1-49 as well as one bonus number, which is called a Super Number and must be chosen from a guess range of 0-9.

The Germany Lotto draws its numbers bi-weekly, on Wednesdays at 17:00 GMT and Saturdays at 18:00 GMT. When you play the German Lottery on our platform, you will receive a notification of your winnings in the game shortly after the draw. You can also find the official Germany Lotto results posted on theLotter UK so that you can check if you have the winning numbers.

 Germany Lotto Prize Divisions

Germany Lotto Prize Divisions

The German Lottery offers as many as nine prize divisions to its winners. The top prize is awarded to players who have the drawn six main numbers and the Super Number. The starting amount of the German Lotto jackpot is €1,000,000. Then, the amount of the first-tier prize gets bigger and bigger every time there are no winners to collect it, just like for the Mega Millions or the USA Powerball lottery .

The EuroMillions lottery features a jackpot cap, but the Germany Lotto jackpot is virtually limitless. The highest amount to date for the Germany Lotto first prize is €45.4 MILLION which has been won in 2007. Players who guess the six main numbers, but not the Super Number, are eligible for the second-tier prize, which is worth hundreds of thousands, and maybe even millions.

 Benefits of Germany Lotto Syndicates

The Stellar Benefits of Germany Lotto Syndicates

theLotter UK offers players the chance to play the Germany Lotto online as part of a syndicate. This can increase their chances of winning a prize in the German Lottery because they get to participate with a large number of tickets.

Instead of buying all the tickets themselves, lottery players can purchase shares in Germany Lotto syndicates for only a fraction of the cost. They will share the tickets with the rest of the syndicate’s members as well as the prizes these may generate. The amount of the prize will be divided among the members of the syndicate in accordance to the shares they have bought.

Considering the impressive amounts of the prizes in the Germany Lotto, even a share of the winnings will make players outstandingly rich. Find out more about how lotto syndicates work. On theLotter UK, players have access to some of the best syndicate offers on the market for European lotteries such as La Primitva, the Italy SuperEnalotto, the EuroJackpot, Ireland Lotto, or the Austria EuroMillions.