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 SuperEnalotto Rules

The Main Rules of SuperEnalotto

Each SuperEnalotto ticket must feature six numbers chosen from a guess range of 1 to 90. The play procedure is one of the simplest in the lottery series, as it does not include special numbers. There are three draws per week in SuperEnalotto, which are held on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 19:00 GMT.

The starting amount for the SuperEnalotto jackpot is €7 million, but with each rollover, it can reach impressive amounts because it does not feature a jackpot cap, like the one set for the EuroMillions jackpot.The current jackpot record is €177.8 million, which is an excellent goal for any lottery player out there.

 SuperEnalotto Lottery Syndicates Advantages

The Amazing Advantages of Playing SuperEnalotto Syndicates

The central advantage boasted by lottery syndicates is going in with more tickets but for only a fraction of the total cost. On theLotter UK, players can buy shares in SuperEnalotto syndicates and actively improve their odds of winning the lottery.

If any of their tickets holds the SuperEnalotto winning numbers for the jackpot or for any of the secondary prizes, they will be entitled to their share of the prize. Please note that the prize divisions are done according to the shares purchased by the syndicate members. Participating with several tickets could even mean more lottery prizes, which is yet another important advantage.

In that is the case, the syndicate members will share the collective winnings generated by their tickets. Find out more about how syndicates work.On theLotter UK, players can enter syndicates in amazing games such as La Primitva, the Ireland Lotto, the EuroJackpot or the France EuroMillions.

 SuperEnalotto Syndicate Winners

SuperEnalotto Syndicate Winner Stories

Back in March 2013, a syndicate of 40 won a whopping €53.3 million jackpot in the SuperEnalotto. Since they were lucky enough to be the sole winners of the draw, they got to share the full amount of the prize. This earned each member approximately €1.25 million even after they paid their due taxes.

While most members of the syndicate wished to remain anonymous, the syndicate owner, Rocco Cogol, made headlines with his amazing story. The locals now call him “Rocco-fella”, as his tremendous win has inspired many to play lottery syndicates themselves.