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 Rules of the New Zealand Powerball

The Rules of the New Zealand Powerball

Similar to other popular games in the Powerball series, such as the US Powerball or the Australia Powerball, the New Zealand Powerball features a set of main numbers and a bonus number, which is named the Powerball.

The New Zealand Powerball features six main numbers from a 1-40 guess range, and the Powerball from a 1-10 guess range. Players must match the entire main number series, as well as the Powerball to qualify for the grand jackpot.

The New Zealand Powerball jackpot has its starting amount set at NZ$5 MILLION, and the current jackpot cap is set at NZ$40 million, which means that when the prize reaches this amount, a “must-go” draw is held, just like the ones in the EuroMillions lottery. In this type of draw, if there are no players who have the jackpot winning numbers, the prize goes to the winners of the second-tier prize.

 New Zealand Powerball Syndicates

Why Playing New Zealand Powerball Syndicates Is an Excellent Choice

In the New Zealand Powerball, players have a 1 in 38,383,800 chance of scooping the jackpot. While such odds are still hard to beat, they are exponentially better than the 1 in 292,201,338 chance that lottery players have of winning the US Powerball jackpot.

As such, improving your odds of winning even more could make a significant difference when playing the New Zealand Powerball. As part of a syndicate, you can enter the game with a group of tickets, thus increasing your chances of becoming a winner even more.You will share the winnings corresponding to the syndicate’s tickets with the other members, but considering the amazing prizes in the New Zealand Powerball, that will still leave you with quite an impressive fortune.

 New Zealand Powerball Syndicate Winners

The Biggest New Zealand Powerball Syndicate Winners

The largest syndicate win up to date was back in 2009, when the Masterton family syndicate scooped a New Zealand Powerball jackpot worth NZ$36.8 MILLION. The syndicate included three generations of women in the family and their win was legendary.

As for the latest syndicate win in the New Zealand Powerball, it was back in January 2016, when yet another family syndicate won a whopping NZ$7 MILLION. The first plans that the Timaru family made for their new fortune is to follow their favorite rugby team, the Rugby Sevens, and watch the games as a family activity.