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 Rules of the South Africa Powerball

The Essential Rules of the South Africa Powerball

All valid South Africa Powerball tickets must include five main numbers chosen from a 1 to 50 guess range, as well as the Powerball, which is an additional number chosen from a 1 to 20 guess range. The central aim is to guess all five of the main numbers and the Powerball and collect the jackpot.

The numbers for the South Africa Powerball are drawn twice a week in Johannesburg, on Tuesdays and Fridays at 21:00 SAST (19:00 GMT). The draw event is broadcasted live on Channel SABC2. theLotter users will receive a notification regarding their winnings in the SA Powerball after the official draw. They can also check their numbers on theLotter UK.

 Main Prizes of the South Africa Powerball

The Main Prizes of the South Africa Powerball

The South Africa Powerball offers as many as nine prize divisions. Even guessing the Powerball only will earn players the 9th division prize worth R10.00. The SA Powerball jackpot is worth 41.12% of the entire prize pool. The record for the first division prize stands at R145,469,799, which is the equivalent of approximately £6.2 MILLION. The second prize division goes to players who guess the five main numbers, but not the Powerball. This is worth 7.35% of the SA Powerball prize pool.

The South Africa Powerball comes with some very attractive winning odds, thus providing players with a solid chance of scooping a prize. In the US Powerball, which is the best-known lottery in the Powerball series, players have a 1 in 292,201,338 chance of winning the top prize. The South Africa Powerball offers a 1 in 42,375,200 chance of scooping the jackpot, which is significantly more achievable.

 Benefits of Playing South Africa Powerball Syndicates

How Playing South Africa Powerball Syndicates Will Enhance Your Game

Syndicate entries provide players with far better odds of winning a prize in the game precisely because they get to participate with a large number of lines. The more lines in the game, the better the players’ chances of winning a prize. Moreover, they get to do this for a very affordable price.

Lottery players can purchase shares in South Africa Powerball syndicates on theLotter and participate in the game as part of the group. The total amount of the winnings generated by the syndicate’s tickets will be shared by all the members of the syndicate. The division will be made according to the shares purchased prior to the draw.

Here you can find out everything about lottery syndicates and the amazing boost they can give to your game. You can purchase your share in a South Africa Powerball syndicate and actively increase your chances of becoming a lottery winner! Good luck!