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 Spain La Primitiva Lottery Rules

The Rules of the Spain La Primitiva Lottery

Each Spain La Primitiva ticket must include six numbers from a 1-49 guess range. Aside from these, each ticket will also be assigned a Reintegro number from 1-10, which will play a decisive role for the La Primitiva jackpot. The Reintegro number is automatically added to the ticket.

The official draws for the La Primitiva lottery are held on Thursdays and Saturdays at 20:30 GMT. Players must have all the six numbers, as well as the Reintegro number to win the La Primitiva jackpot. The main prize starts at a minimum amount of €2 million, and the current record for the jackpot was set in October 2015 at €101.7 MILLION.

 Reintegro Number vs. Bonus Numbers

The Reintegro Number vs. Standard Bonus Numbers

While the vast majority of the world’s lotteries only feature main numbers, which can be selected from a given guess range, there are quite a few that have introduced bonus numbers. These are also selected by the players, but they feature a different guess range from that of the main numbers. For instance, the US Powerball features one bonus number called the Powerball, and the USA Mega Millions  features the Mega Ball, which play a key role in the prize division process.

The EuroMillions lottery includes 2 bonus numbers, which are called Lucky Stars and that are crucial for scoring the EuroMillions jackpot. As for the Reintegro number, the difference lies precisely in the fact that players do not choose it themselves. Instead, this number from 1 to 10 is added automatically to each La Primitiva ticket. Please note that the selection is made at random.

Playing Spain La Primitiva Syndicates

The Advantages of Playing Spain La Primitiva Syndicates

When playing the Spain La Primitiva lottery as part of a syndicate, you have better chances of scoring a win because you participate with a much larger number of tickets. On theLotter UK, you can purchase shares in La Primitiva syndicates, which entitle you to a part of winnings generated by the tickets in the group. Moreover, if more than one ticket in your syndicate is a winner, then you will get your share of the collective winnings.

As a theLotter user, you will receive the full amount of your prize, as we do not charge any additional fees or commissions for lottery winners. You will also get our full support throughout the entire prize collection process. On our platform, there are many other syndicates to try out, such as South Africa Powerball, Australia Oz Lotto, Germany Lotto, New Zealand Powerball, or the Thunderball. Explore our lottery list to find all the options.