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 Rules for the UK Lotto

The Main Rules of the UK Lotto

As per the National Lottery, each ticket entered in the UK Lotto must have six numbers selected from a guess range of 1 to 59. Draws are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 22:00 GMT. For each draw, six numbers are first selected. Then, a Bonus Ball is also drawn, which can help players win secondary prizes.

Players who guess all six numbers are entitled to the grand jackpot, but the UK Lotto features a total of six prizes. The second prize is awarded to players who have the Bonus Ball and five of the main numbers.

Another excellent aspect about the UK Lotto jackpot is that it has one of the highest ranges in the entire market. The biggest jackpot in the UK Lotto up to date is £66 MILLION, but the following ones are bound to be worth your attention. According to the current UK Lotto rules, when the jackpot reaches £22 MILLION or more, the following draw is a "must-be-won" draw.

 UK Lotto and Lotto Raffle

The UK Lotto and the Lotto Raffle

Aside from the regular draw in the UK Lotto, ticket-holders are also entered in the Lotto Raffle. UK Lotto tickets have unique 12-digit codes that constitute the official entry in the raffle. This additional draw offers 20 prizes worth £20,000.

Players must know that winning the Lotto Raffle relies solely on the unique codes on their tickets. They are not required to guess any of the lottery numbers to be eligible for the raffle prizes. As such, the raffle is a very important bonus of the UK Lotto. There are other games offering raffles available on theLotter UK, such as France EuroMillions and My Million raffle, or the UK EuroMillions and the Millionaire Maker raffle.

 Benefits of Playing UK Lotto Syndicates

The Benefits of Playing UK Lotto Syndicates

When playing UK Lotto syndicates, players have not only a better chance of winning the lottery, but also better odds of becoming raffle winners. The essential benefit provided by lottery syndicates is entering the game with a much higher number of tickets for an excellent price.

While purchasing many lottery tickets is rather expensive, buying a share in a ticket group is extremely convenient. Each member of the syndicate is entitled to a share of the cumulated winnings produced by the tickets. Not only do lottery syndicates offer better winning odds, but they also provide players with the opportunity of winning more than one prize.

This makes syndicates one of the most advantageous play options available to lottery enthusiasts. Here you can find more extensive information about lottery syndicates. You should also explore our extensive lottery list to find some of the most exotic games like Australia Powerball, South Africa Lotto, or the Canada Lotto 649.

 UK Lotto Syndicate Winners

UK Lotto Syndicate Winner Stories

Back in 2005, a syndicate made up of 11 Tesco employees from Driffield, Yorkshire, won the grand £18.2 million jackpot. Each member took home a whopping £2.8 million, which is an outstanding win considering that the entire syndicate went in with only 13 tickets.

In July 2014, yet another group of Tesco employees, from Plymouth this time, won £3.6 million. Each member became £245,996 richer.  One of the 15 lucky women who played the UK Lotto together, Jackie Beresford, claims to have visited a psychic before the win who told her that she would come into a large sum of money. Their plans with the money? They included paying off mortgages and treating themselves for many years. The win was not big enough for them to quit their jobs, but this was also because they enjoyed what they were doing as well as spending time together.