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The Biggest EuroMillions Syndicate Winners in Lottery History

The EuroMillions is one of the biggest lotteries in the European Union, alongside La Primitiva and the EuroJackpot. With jackpots up to $190 MILLION in the game, people from all over the world play this lottery time and time again in the hopes of becoming one of the lucky winners.

In this article, we will tell you about the biggest UK syndicate winners in the history of the EuroMillions lottery because their stories are truly impressive. Playing the lottery as a group has proven to be extremely lucky for these players, as they have managed to change their lives completely.

1. The Irish Lottery Syndicate - €88.5 MILLION

2017 has brought its very first syndicate win in the EuroMillions lottery. A group of very lucky players from Ireland have scooped one of the biggest jackpots in the game on January 25th, 2017 worth a whopping €88,500,000.

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While National Lottery officials have confirmed that the Irish winners have been in contact with them and that they have started the prize collection proceedings, their entire story has yet to reach the media, as the syndicate members have decided to preserve their anonymity.

Their tremendous win, however, was the largest syndicate prize to ever be claimed by a syndicate in the entire history of the EuroMillions. In fact, their story had inspired a great many lottery players from the UK and outside it to form syndicates of their own hoping to win the lottery themselves one day.

2. The Mysterious Irish Lottery Syndicate - €86.7 MILLION

It seems that the luck of the Irish is virtually endless when it comes to playing EuroMillions syndicates. Until recently, the largest syndicate win in the EuroMillions was that of yet another Irish syndicate, who won a fantastic €86,700,000 in September 2014.

They also wished to remain anonymous, so their lottery adventures have never made it into the news. Regardless of their choice to remain hidden from the media, they are one of the best-known syndicates in the entire world.

The only details that have been made public are that they said they were “on top of the world” as they got their astonishing prize and that they have purchased their winning ticket in Dublin, which is now considered as one of the luckiest places in the world to buy lottery tickets in.

3. The Davies Family Syndicate - £61 MILLION

The story of the Davies family from Monmouth, UK is no ordinary lottery winner story. Sonia Davies, the mother of the family, went to Florida for a complex surgical procedure meant to remove a tumor in her parathyroid gland. Luckily for her, the procedure was entirely successful, which left her feeling like she had cheated death.

Sonia felt invincible, so she thought that it was the perfect time to play the lottery. So, she called up her daughter and instructed her to purchase the tickets, which ended up being the best possible move for the entire family.

The Davies family syndicate was made up of Sonia, her partner, Keith, her daughters, Stephanie and Courtney, and Stephanie’s boyfriend, Steve. Together, they won a staggering £61,000,000, which they decided to share among them equally.

4. Dublin Family Syndicate - £38.9 MILLION

A family from Dublin started out 2018 with a bang, as they have won a EuroMillions jackpot worth a whopping €38.9 MILLION. They wished to remain anonymous, but they sent a spokesperson to talk to the press. “You always hope that someday you would win a jackpot, but never really believe it will happen”, they said.

Their plans are to open their own business and maybe buy a new house. They also intend to help their family by providing them the financial support they need. They aim to keep their lives as normal as possible, but they are absolutely thrilled about the exciting new opportunities that their amazing win brings.

5. The Corby Bus Driver Syndicate - £38 MILLION

Twelve Corby bus drivers from Northamptonshire, UK made lottery history as they won £38,000,000 in the EuroMillions lottery. This earned each of them an astonishing £3,100,000, which they planned to use to pay off old debts, set up education funds for their family members, and make their most extravagant dreams come true.

It came as no surprise to anybody, including their employers, that none of them came in for work the following day. Their amazing win enabled them to make a significant change in their lives and it served as an excellent example for lottery players from all over the world. With enough perseverance, any dream can be turned into reality.

6. The Kirkby Office Syndicate - £28 MILLION

Ten coworkers from a recruitment firm in Kirkby, UK, hit the lottery jackpot when they won £28,000,000 in the EuroMillions. Their syndicate had been a lottery regular for quite a few years, but their dedication to the game finally paid off for them.

As anybody who finds out they have become millionaires overnight, the Kirkby winners did not show up for work the day following their win, as the sheer excitement for their extremely lucky turnout was reason enough to take the day off.

As you can see, winning the lottery requires quite a bit of perseverance and a huge stroke of luck. Playing the lottery as a syndicate was the best possible move for these lucky players because together they have managed the impossible.

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